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Colper Science is a project which aims at promoting open science and efficient scholarly communications through its social media and podcasting.

We are a team of two, Kambiz Chizari and Ilyass Tabiai, working on this project. We believe that the scientific publishing system could have been much more advanced using modern communication methods. The monopoly of top publishing houses on the scientific publishing system is one of the main reasons which hinders the progress in scholarly communications. Improving different tasks related to scientific publishing such as article drafting, editing, and peer review process using the new communication methods, or free access to the publications, can accelerate the progress in science.

We believe for an effective change, it is important to inform people about the flaws in the system and trigger discussions to find the practical solutions. We inform people regarding the scholarly communication methods and news related to scientific publishing through our social media (Twitter and Facebook) and podcast.

Our podcast is more focused on Open Science and its methods. The episodes are mainly interviews with researchers who use any type of open science such as open data, open source programs, etc. If you are/were involved in research using open science, you can contact us to arrange an interview around your story. We have two episodes per month on Thursdays.

Learn more about us and the project by visiting our Blog, Twitter, Facebook page or our SoundCloud.

What We Do

We aim at promoting open science and efficient science publishing through social media and podcasting.

We believe that adoption of open science and its methods is today possible, and that it is by sharing success stories around the subject that everybody can feel comfortable enough to join the movement.

Colper Science

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